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If you have children, you are probably aware of tearless shampoos for babies. You may have wondered if the same type of product is available for your four-legged family members as well. Thankfully, the answer is yes.

Tearless shampoos for pets serve the same purpose that tearless shampoos for babies do. When you use a tearless shampoo, you are protecting your dog or cat’s eyes from irritation. This becomes especially important when you are bathing a pet that gets rambunctious in the tub!

You may be wondering if you can just use the same tearless shampoo for your pet that you do on your baby. Many human tearless shampoos are too harsh for your pet’s skin, even though those shampoos are designed to be used on infants. Just because a product is acceptable for use on human skin does not guarantee that it will be appropriate for pet skin. Further, because your pet licks himself to groom, you want to make sure that the tearless pet shampoo is designed just for animals.

If you are going to choose a tearless shampoo on your own, you need to do your research. While gentle to the eyes, tearless shampoos may still contain chemicals that are carcinogenic. Also, some animal breeds can be allergic to chemicals used in shampoos. Make sure that you are familiar with any allergies that your pet may be pre-disposed to, so that you can avoid those additives. A Google search for “organic tearless pet shampoo” may give you many options to start with, but remember that organic doesn’t automatically mean tearless and tearless doesn’t necessarily mean organic.

If you’re concerned about allergies or finding a truly tearless organic product, you may want to ask a professional. When you use a professional groomer, they can advise you on the best products for your pet. Groomers realize that you may need to bathe your pet in between visits, and they are happy to recommend products that will take care of your pet’s needs.

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