Pet Behavior and Grooming

//Pet Behavior and Grooming

Grooming your companion pet can be difficult for the pet. Adopted pets may not have had much experience being handled for grooming, and even the most well-behaved pet can be difficult to handle when it is time for a grooming. This could lead to pet behavior issues. Calling a professional groomer can help to alleviate these problems.

First, professional groomers are just that-trained professionals. A professional dog groomer has gone to school for eight weeks to learn how to take care of your extraordinary cat or dog. They learn the basics of pet care including style specifications for distinct breeds, and how to handle your special requests. They learn facts about different breeds of pets to enable them to help you make the best grooming decisions for your pets. For example, Golden Retrievers and other double coated dog breeds should not be shaved in the summer, despite our high Texas temperatures, because it could increase their risk of skin cancer.

At Haute Pets, we hire experienced groomers. Because our groomers are not only professionally trained but have experience with a wide variety of cats and dogs, they are able to provide a low-stress grooming environment for your furry family members. Experienced groomers are able to alleviate many behavior issues linked to grooming naturally because they display a confident air as they approach and handle your beloved pet. This gives your companion confidence in the groomer’s ability, which helps to keep your pet’s stress level low.

Finally, because we come to you, your pet is not already keyed up from a ride in the car. Whether your pet is excited or scared of vehicle travel, they can be difficult to return to a calm state once you reach the groomer’s shop. Because Haute Pets comes to you, we alleviate the stress or excitement of travel. This means that your grooming experience will be faster and easier-for you and your pets, with Haute Pets.

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