Why Should I use Organic Shampoo?

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Many pet owners want the best for their companion animals. After all, they’re not just dogs and cats; they’re part of the family. Quality, organic dog food, eco-friendly pet beds, and fun time at the dog park rate top the list for pet care concerns for most pet families. But what about organic shampoo?

Using organic shampoo for your pet is a worthy consideration. One important factor to consider is that any organic shampoo you’re using for your pet is going to be cruelty-free. Supporting cruelty-free products should be an important consideration for any pet family.

Organic shampoos are also going to be free of added chemicals and dyes. For our pets, staying clear of unwanted chemicals is a pretty big deal. It means there’s less risk of cancer or other health problems. These health problems may not become evident today, but when we use organic shampoo, we’re protecting our pet’s health not just today, but years from now.

Organic shampoos are also safe for our pets’ human caregivers. Today, many people battle allergies to additives that were common in some products decades ago. We know now that those additives aren’t safe for everyone. If we choose to go organic now, we won’t worry about an unknown allergy to a chemical or additive in the shampoo. This is an especially important consideration in pet families that include small children. Pet families can feel safe knowing that their little ones can pet, kiss, and lay with their pets without worrying about the chemicals or irritants in their pets’ shampoo.

The choice to include organic products in your pets’ care should include not just their food, but all of the products that they use. This guarantees that you’ve created the healthiest environment possible for your beloved four-legged family member!

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