Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed – why it’s important

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Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is something that many pet owners don’t do as often as they should. You think about trimming your dog’s nails when you hear them walk through the kitchen as you’re cooking dinner, or when they run across the sidewalk in the back yard to chase after the kids. But then you get busy doing things, and you forget to call the groomer.

However, your dog’s health is dependent on healthy nails. First, dogs with long nails tend to have incorrect posture. Just as your mom taught you not to slouch to save you from later back pain, dogs should stand a particular way to avoid joint issues later. A dog with improper posture may fall easier, and certainly won’t be enjoying those walks or runs you love so much.

If you’re noticing that your dog tends to have a lot of missteps, especially on uneven ground, it’s often due to nails that are too long. Remember when you went on that hike and stepped on that rock that wasn’t quite solidly into the ground and turned your ankle a bit? The same thing can happen to your dog if they hit a piece of uneven ground if their nails are too long. By not keeping your dog’s nails properly trimmed, you’re risking a turned or sprained ankle, or even a torn out nail.

If your dog is older, they may be experiencing joint issues. If your dog’s nails are too long, you’re likely exacerbating those joint issues due to the changes in posture that result from long nails. When dogs are experiencing joint pain, proper posture helps them have less pain. If they’re standing funny because the pressure from their nails touching the ground hurts, then their joints will hurt more, too.

All in all, nail care is very important in the overall health of your dog. Our mobile dog grooming services make it easier for you to take care of your dog’s nails without worrying about driving your dog to an appointment with a groomer. For older dogs, or dogs with issues traveling, our mobile dog grooming service helps to alleviate stress and anxiety.

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